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We're code wizards

Turning stuff like AngularJS, HTML5 & CSS3, Grails, NodeJS, Redis, ObjectiveC and Java into awesome tech platforms is our daily job.

We've done amazing stuff for them

We've built tech masterpieces for ourselves


About us

We're a Paris and Toulouse-based start-up company, launched in 2008. We've won many French and European start-ups competitions (TechCrunch Paris & London, Seecamp Paris, Tremplin- Entreprise Sénat, etc.), and have built numerous high-trafic web applications. We're lucky to be backed by high profile executives and serial entrepreneurs, who regularly get involved in our corporate decisions - without meddling too much. Perfect fit :-)


Timothée Le Borgne


Tim has an extensive knowledge of… pretty much any web topic (!) and a sharp vision of related tech challenges. He brings guidance and a creative vision to projects taking place in fast pace environments. He's also in charge of making sure the company bank account stays thick with money :D

Tim is an ex-Apple Europe and has a master degree in business administration from INT/TEM in France.

Germán Sancho


Germán is not just a tech superstar. He's also a natural project planner, bringing order and processes wherever he goes, ensuring even the most complex projects gets successfully achieved, and is a tech masterpiece. He's a Spanish citizen of the world, fluent in French, English and Arabic, as well as dozen of programming langages.

Germán holds a Phd from the CNRS (French MIT) and two master degrees in computer engineering.

Advisory Board

Guillaume Decugis ● CEO

Khaled Helioui

Bigpoint ● CEO

Deborah Elalouf

Tralalere ● CEO

Nicolas Pelletier

Musiwave ● ex-CEO

Marc Le Borgne

RBS ● Head of Real Estate FR

Guillaume Pron

UBS ● Executive Director

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12 rue Gabriel Péri, 31000 Toulouse


15 av. du Dr Arnold Netter, 75012 Paris

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